Rick Brozek
Owner | Creative Director

Brozek Design


For over 30 years, Rick Brozek has been concepting and creating effective graphic design for companies large and small.

When he started Brozek Design in 1995, his goal was to provide attentive, hands-on communication design to his clients. With his experience in all disciplines of design: print, point of purchase, identity progams and web design, Rick has pretty much seen and done it all. In recent years, Rick has focused his attention on consumer and sports marketing; utilizing his expertise as a sports photographer. It is a passion that is evident in the sports designs he has created.

“At an early age, I was fascinated by and drawn into the world of communication design. Like many designers, I noticed all things on an aesthetic level...product packaging, signage, sports teams and even so-called junk mail. All had a visual value to me beyond their standing in the world,” Brozek recalls. “Now I try to present my clients’ products and ideas in the most effective and attractive light I can.”

When he is not being mesmerized in the aisles of the local supermarket, Rick can be found spending family time with his wife Sally and attending and photographing his children Jack and Olivia’s many sporting events.

You can contact Rick by phone at 404.373.6142 or via email at rickbrozek@comcast.net.

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